Chain Of Memories (prod​.​The Antydote)


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Just a real life lesson for your mental display .


Why everything gotta be difficult with you ?
everything i love dies ..
or i just tend to lose it
trying to view what is illusive
live it instead of do it
this life is to mix-match ..
wish the numbers were more congruent

the pattern of a lifestyle
the pattern of a path
the rhythm of ones lifeline ,
right before it crashes..

the patience
when choosing the colors of a lifes'painting.
im living in the moment
not waiting to be vacant !

across the concrete , in the night , when not asleep
smoke in the air -
but nothing below my feet

+ so i float with the grace : of rose petals
man of flesh but the jacket : is full metal

so i feel nothing ,
protected .
you can never hurt me .

a nigga use to stargaze ,
but my eyes were not worthy
i miss you , i miss you .
im so fuckin lonely .
i remember when you were just my homie.
all these niggas aint shit compared to me ,
girl you know that .
feelings are like weeds : cut them out ,
and they just grow back .
memories :
developed in the seven seas of throwback .
kingdom full of hearts :
but not one could grant me love back
to a shattered heart : id soon protect
to a lonely thought : id soon forget
i knew you really , L-O-V-E-D'd , ME ..

i thought you really ..
really ?
+ the fuck happened to happy endings ?
to be promised heaven : but find myself descending ?
the fuck ?

its like your inside is bleeding ,
but your outside just wont hurt
praying but hear nothing ,
so you keep praying to feel someting .
look into the mirror ,
you scrying but feel nothing .
humpty dumpty can break a shell
but flesh is a different subject

we stargazed ,
knew wed never travel that far
its fuck the world ,
but theyve never made a condom that long
theyll buy micheal jordan contacts
to ball till they fall
people will hate on you
give a fuck if they like your songs .
it just you ,
& just me
but we're through
its jus E
its just I
dont O U ,
& i dare you to ask y ?
you havent got to the point
where you really cant cry
you havent felt so empty ,
that you wanted to die .


released November 28, 2011
Produced by : The Antydote



all rights reserved


EJAAZ Indianapolis, Indiana

I am just a kid .. making music out of feelings i cant describe.

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